Monthly Video Challenge


Giving and Gratitude! From lending a helping hand to expressing appreciation, the #Latinx21squad wants to see it in action. October 21 through November 21 enter our “Giving and Gratitude” video challenge. Share those giving hands and thankful hearts for a chance to win!

Latinx21— It’s all about you!

Congratulations to Stefni Valencia (@speakerdamagerecords), passionate singer-songwriter and Guerrera, for winning the “Latinx/Hispanic Heritage” Challenge with her submission “Sueña.”

“Sueña” is about inspiring others to support and motivate the Latinx community. Keep fighting!


Learning. This month’s video challenge is about expanding horizons. Whether it’s a baby trying to walk, a third-grader studying arithmetic, someone intent on learning a new language, or scientists teaching a robot to dance like a human.

Congratulations to Thiago Silva (@thiago1029) for winning the “Learning” Video Challenge with his submission, “Teaching my boys some ancient survivor technique.” 

In “Teaching my boys some ancient survivor technique,” Thiago’s sons learn to hunt for food!


“All About Animals” Video Challenge! Upload videos today of your favorite furry, flying, and fun-loving animals.

Congratulations to Thiago Silva (@thiago1029) for winning the “All About Animals” Video Challenge with his submission, “Our Beloved Chickens.” Thiago was born and raised in the Brazilian Amazon. He and his children now live in Texas, where they built their chicken coop.

“Our Beloved Chickens,” exposes the beauties of new life.


Raise your voice! Let your creative spirit help you make an impact. Together, let’s make this world a better place for everyone.

Congratulations to Karina Daza (@karinadaza) for winning the “Raise Your Voice” Video Challenge with her submission, “Espíritu De Leon.” Karina Daza is a musician, singer/songwriter, and recording artist from New York, now living in Tennessee. “Espíritu De Leon” was inspired three years ago by Trump’s decision to rescind DACA. The song is meant to call people in solidarity and to fight injustices of racism and xenophobia that affect the Latinx community.

“Espíritu De Leon” inspires change and conversation. Check it out now.


Animation! We adore animation of every sort and June’s winner will need to upload a video that wows the Latinx21 audience.

Congratulations to Alek Lean (@Aleklean) for winning the “Animation” Monthly Video Challenge with his submission “Coronavideo.” “Coronavideo” beautifully expresses his feelings toward the pandemic. His goal was to communicate how we can transcend isolation and loneliness with our imagination. Alek Lean is a filmmaker and screenwriter from Brazil. He is moved by and continues to move people with his socially aware content.


All in this together! Working remotely? Homeschooling? Sewing masks? Cooking feasts? Walking the dog, AGAIN? How are you managing life in the time of COVID-19? Let the creative spirit help you make the best of it by creating a video about your experience. 

Congratulations to Henry (@That_One_Guy), for winning the “All In This Together” Monthly Video Challenge! Henry’s video was able to bring joy to the Latinx21 community during a very uncertain time in history. Not even the pandemic could break down the creativity that many of our members possess.
Henry’s video submission “Fountain of Wayne – Mexican Wine Instrumental Cover” was created in honor of the bass player of Fountains of Wayne, who recently passed away in April due to COVID-19, showcasing the hard realities that American couples face.


Make Latinx21 laugh! Whatever that means to you, post your video on your Latinx21 account for a chance to win the April prize!

Congratulations to Samantha Cavalcanti (Samcaval), winner of the Make Latinx21 Laugh Monthly Video Challenge! Samantha’s video, “Waiting for My Amazon Package,” is a surprising dig at the delivery and entertainment giant. The short film is rooted in her support of local businesses and disdain for mega-companies such as Amazon.

Samantha was born in Salvador, Brazil, lives in Los Angeles, loves photography and writing, and hopes to have a feature screenplay she wrote produced.


Show off your creativity! Do you dance, sing, paint, play a trombone, or walk a tightrope? Or, are you a fan of someone who does? This month, our challenge will honor a video celebrating an extraordinary talent. 

Congratulations to @marcella_muci & @jessiet_13, winners of the Show Off Your Creativity Challenge!

Their video entry, Contigo (With You), was inspired by their love for animation, their love for dogs, and most importantly their hope of encouraging others to adopt a pet instead of shopping for them.


This month’s theme is all about Amor—Love. Show the Latinx21 community how you celebrate love. “Amor” began January 21st and the winner was announced on February 21st.

Congratulations to Latinx21 member, Ablackmore, our February Challenge Winner!

This song by Jorja Smith talks about the importance of love in this clip you’re shown love and happiness through clips. 


If you have not already done so, establish an account on Upload a video that adheres to the Monthly Video Challenge theme. Video must comply with the Official Rules and the website’s Terms of Use. Get your family, friends, and the community to like your videos. The video with the most LIKES during that month wins the $100 prize!