What is Latinx21?

Latinx21 is a FREE video-sharing website where anyone can upload and view Latinx-centric videos. Latinx21 was created to engage and empower the Latinx community through a contemporary platform that allows users to share their stories, beliefs, expertise, and insights in a meaningful way.

Meet the Founder

What is Latinx?

We believe that Latinx, in addition to being a gender neutral term for Latino/Latina, also represents and unites the 21 Spanish speaking countries, their cultures, and their people – be they born abroad or in the U.S.

Our Vision for Latinx21

To be the one-stop online destination created by and for the Latinx community—a place to engage, encourage, and entertain visitors and content contributors who provide and share information across a wide range of interests.

21 Countries Strong

The 21 is a reference to the twenty-one countries/territory in which Spanish is the official language.